From an agri business, MBA qualified, business specialist to an organic skincare product manufacturer – a dream is a dream!The development of a truly organic, hand crafted skin care product specialises in core natural ingredients found in the tropics of FNQ.

Who are Aeonian?

Conjure up an image of a mad scientist complete with buckets, oozing lotions and the heady fragrance of a mixture of lavender, lemon myrtle and other exotic (but natural) essential oils.  Our client had been mixing potions and lotions under his house for more than a year. Mixing, testing, remixing, retesting … to get just the right consistency for a natural, healing and hydrating skin moisturiser.

Wearing board shorts and thongs (as you do in the tropics of FNQ) and carrying an armful of samples our excited business specialist comes seeking help. He is confident in his product, has worked out all the ingredients and the manufacturing (still under the house) process and is now ready to “sell some stuff”.


What have we done for them?

We had dealings with our enterpreneurial client previously by way of marketing and asset creation for his successful business consultancy service, so when the new product was ready for market we joined the Aeonian team to develop up a Blueprint service for a product launch.

While we were testing all the samples we started our research phase for brand name, brand concept and brand positioning. We busied ourselves with competitor research – an enjoyable task when you’re researching beauty products and skin care – through to website development with eCommerce functionality and packaging.

We continue to work through the marketing stages of this project.

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