Community Enterprise Queensland (CEQ) manages retail outlets across the Torres Strait islands and mainland Aboriginal communities in North Queensland and has been serving these communities for over 100 years with a commitment to deliver essential products, fresh produce as well as whitegoods and hardware items. 

Who are the Community Enterprise Queensland?

Community Enterprise Queensland (CEQ) is a Queensland government statutory body with responsibility for commercial enterprises (currently primarily in retailing) and providing goods and essential services to Torres Strait, NPA and mainland Aboriginal remote communities in North Queensland.

CEQ Corporate Office is based in Cairns and manages 22 retail outlets (including IBIS and Col Jones) in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area and an increasing number of Community Supermarkets on the mainland.

CEQ employs 75% Indigenous workforce and provides training opportunities for local people within communities and has major expansion plans for its operations going forward.

What have we done for them?

Over the last two years as CEQ has looked at growing its operations, we have been engaged to develop a range of core communications assets.  We have been involved with the redevelopment of coroporate logos, store branding and messaging as well as developing a community engagement strategy.

We have built the CEQ website, the IBIS and ABIS websites and more development is underway. We have produced corporate videos as well as TV Commercials for the retail outlets – designed to communicate their retail services into remote communities and the islands of the Torres Strait.

Stationery, corporate signage along with other internal assets have now been delivered.

We are now involved with the marketing strategies going forward for broader market engagement for building contractors and the service sectors in remote north Queensland.

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