The 2017 Discovery started and finished with a bang thanks to the firing of the Marine’s muskets and the Cooktown Cannon. This year’s event was an even bigger success, with many new events, features and interactive activities included.

Who are Cooktown Discovery Festival?

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In late 2016 Paykel was commissioned to work with the Cook Shire Council to help support the annual Cooktown Discovery Festival and to be a key partner is planning the major events for the proposed Cooktown 2020 festival.

This festival will commemorate 250 years since Captain James Cook and his ship the HM Bark Endeavour spent 48 days in the Endeavour River at Cooktown repairing his ship, after hitting the reef, plus meeting the local Bama Indigenous peoples of the region and recording major scientific discoveries.

What have we done for them?

We have developed all of the communications assets, branding, logos, promotional assets, websites, digital campaigns, media releases and more for both the Cooktown Discovery Festival and Cooktown 2020 project.

As part of our Marketing Agency engagement with the Cook Shire Council we have developed full sponsorship packages, event programs, consulted with key stockholders and engaged sponsorship involvement.

We are heavily involved with the ongoing planning around national and regional sponsorships, event management assistance planning, media management for the annual events and local community engagement.

We continue to develop digital and social media along with traditional media assets and opportunities for this client.

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