A privately owned Emergency Medical Services unit has been operating out of Port Moresby, PNG for more than 5 years providing pre-hospital care, ambulance services and first aid services and training. After expanding their services to include Aeromedical and Private Clinic, the group is now committed to opening a private hospital in early 2019.

Who are Emergency Medical Services PNG?

Emergency Medical Services Papua New Guinea (EMSPNG) is PNG’s first privately funded and owned emergency medical services for residents and visitors and was established by Dr Lautofa Pulota and his wife Lydia McCarthy in 2013.

The group has continued to expand it’s services during 2017 and 2018 to include a second Private Clinic and the provision of private Medical Cover. In 2019 a  state-of-the-art, private hospital purposely built to provide comprehensive specialist healthcare services for the community will be opened. The facility will cater for 80 beds.


What have we done for them?

With the expansion of their services, the owners were keen to engage with specialists who could help them develop a communication strategy and marketing plan to get them into communication with potential corporate investors and service specialists (doctors, nurses, IT specialists) to promote their expanded service offering including the Aeromedical services and private medical cover into Australasia.

We were engaged to provide a brand and communication plan as well and the development of a full suite of marketing materials from brand identity, creative development of brochures and websites through to digital marketing assets. We have collaborated with the owners and other specialists to provide copywriting services.

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