A fully integrated supply chain management and logistics organisation, the iPi Group through each one of their specialised divisions, provides comprehensive business and support solutions across a diverse range of needs, industries and locations.

Who are iPi Group?

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The iPi Group is a major and commercially diversified enterprise operating in a wide range of industries from trucking and logistics, extreme large volume dry freight and fuel road transport, retail and wholesale, hoteliers, plantations, bulk warehousing, import/export and customs agency, and with operating businesses and investments both in Australia and in Papua New Guinea.

Areas of specialisation include:
Transport, Corporate, Catering and Warehousing.

What have we done for them?

In around 2008, two key senior managers of a small land owner group company dropped into our office and had a vision.

At the time a small transport and very small commercial food catering arrangement was starting out in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. They had a need to give their small enterprise some marketing and communications assets to help them grow. 10 years on, the iPi Group is one of the largest transport and logistics companies in PNG.

We started with branding, newsletters, corporate stationery items, promotional assets, websites, even designed their trucks with corporate livery, that at a time this was never considered in-country, and that set a standard. A standard the iPi Group and its management team value today as the company continues to grow and diversify.

We have been innovative with the iPi Group in brand awareness strategies including television commercials and even developing corporate gifts like the very popular Cookbooks, that required reprinting because of its popularity to the partners and friends of the iPi Group of customers.

We are proud of our continuing successful relationship with this now globally recognised company as it continues to grow.

We are looking forward to the next 10 years of partnering with such a positive organisation.

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