According to this client, Australian coffee drinkers are constantly on the lookout for new and original taste experiences, and today’s coffee aficionado is after something special, unique and sustainable. Single origin – no blends – is just about the best you can get.

Who are these coffee nuts?

Many coffee companies bypass PNG as a source for high grade coffees because they don’t understand its rich coffee heritage. But this client has been involved in the industry for more than 20 years working directly with the people of PNG and assist with their processing of a high altitude grown Jamaican Blue Heritage coffee.

A Direct Trade village alliance partnership ensures that a small select family group of growers can maintain a high standard of growing and produce top quality coffee beans ready for market.


What have we done for them?

Product ready for market. Client had dabbled with setting up a Facebook page and doing some rambunctious posts (as is his style). Whilst there was some traction, he was embarking on a more direct approach and wanted to bust into the already fiercely competitive Melbourne coffee scene. His point of difference – a single origin, quality coffee bean roasted to perfection.

We were engaged to create a distinctive ecommerce website that would allow customers to buy coffee direct from the growers/manufacturers in small or large quantities, as well as buy quality, imported and services coffee equipment.

Interested in discussing your idea?

Come and speak with us today, grab a coffee, take a seat and tell us about what you want to do, where you want to be, and we’ll come on the journey with you.

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