Tradelinked Cairns & PNG is committed to facilitating and supporting the development of strong business, education and community relationships between Papua New Guinea and Cairns through networking events, trade visits and an online business directory.

Who are Tradelinked Cairns & PNG?

Due to PNG’s close proximity to Cairns many business links have been developed over the years through the advocacy of the Tradelinked Group’s regular networking and trade visit events. Tradelinked is active in the greater Cairns region promoting an export focus to PNG through opportunities for SMEs, medical, aviation, construction, media and marketing services as well as the education and specialist training sectors to build better business and community relationships.

The Group is supported by sponsorships and industries that see real value in its role and Paykel Creative is proud to be part of this group’s activities.

How did we get involved with Tradelinked?

With a solid Cairns/PNG business knowledge base, Gary Aylward (our GM) has been involved in leading trade visits. As a marketing agency we have been involved with providing creative services to support the business development and promotion of the Group as well as several long-established, as well as merging, businesses in PNG.

We remain committed to supporting Tradelinked Group development by aiding in brand development, website and communications assets to assist in their communications and growing its influence in this region.

Interested in discussing your idea?

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