Rhythm, 123

Feel the beat, set the tempo and GET LOUD. Your blueprint will identify and define your unique sense of rhythm. It's dancing with a little bit of magic - you've got to feel it!

Circle of life

Communication is part of the circle of life (heard it on BBC so it must be true). A creative communication plan combines multiple, distinctive and complementary stacks.

Packaged precision

Creative assets packaged together right are an invitation to visit, to call, to join, to buy. Precision only comes from experience in delivering up the right doses with rhythm.

More than a strategy, a blueprint is the rhythm of great communication. The magic comes when we package the creative concepts together with precision to deliver an amazing solution for you.


You have us at hello.

Corporate businesses, medium or small business owners, self employed,  entrepreneurs who are still at the idea stage … are all welcome at Paykel Creative. From the moment we first meet you we will be listening, hanging on every word you have to say because that’s how we are going to get to know you. And we need to know everything about you so we can see the opportunities for your to communicate and engage with your potential customers.

Our Blueprint is the essence of great communication – we develop a communication rhythm unique for you. Blueprint is at the heart of what we do as a creative agency. It’s the glue that holds marketing together. Once we feel your rhythm, we’ll get loud about who you are and what you do.

It’s our job to be the standard bearer, the gatekeeper of your brand, to lead and guide all your creative communication efforts to ensure they don’t go off track and get hijacked. Our experience shows that business owners are great hijackers of their own brands:

Blueprint has a definitive, carefully designed, map for success that is just right for you. It has a set rhythm connected to your business goals and packages up the creative assets and all the marketing and advertising tools available to achieve a purposeful connection with your customers.

A blueprint is about unique opportunities and we invite you to come for a coffee and a chat to find out more.


Market with purpose

You need rhythm in marketing, without it you're just bopping to a beat. With the right mash-up it has purpose, is precise, effective and measurable. bring your tape measure.

Thoughtful messages

Mixed messages create confusion and can kill off potential customers in the blink of an eye. We think about the message very seriously - it has rhythm!

Find the right viewers

Our media gurus know where your customers hang out (speaking media of course) up and down the great east coast. They can take you directly to them. We book media for you.

Active listening

We see it, hear it, smell it, taste it and use the information to develop and improve our blueprint concept to get better connected across multiple advertising platforms.

Bright & innovative

A blue sky brightens up anyone's day, we do blue sky thinking. We see opportunities you never knew existed. We create occasion and link everything together.

Plugged in ideas

We don't work at being ordinary, we work hard at being eximious. If the first idea isn't exceptional, together we keep plugging on til we get what you need.

We go with you

We are into long term relationships, we have a bucketful of creative and communication tools and whether you use them all at once, or just one at a time, you have us at HELLO.

Our previous work

Remember that communication has rhythm. Same song sheet, everyone knows the lyrics, singing in tune. It all just works like magic when you get it right. We get it right.

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Interested in discussing your idea?

Come and speak with us today, grab a coffee, take a seat and tell us about what you want to do, where you want to be, and we’ll come on the journey with you.

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