Creative territory

New ideas, old ideas, how about we blend our ideas and get to the core of an exciting creative concept that connects to your customers. We specialise in unique ideas.

Identity tags

You are unique, different and appealing! What’s your brand, who are you, are you trustworthy. We’ll positively identify you and your brand.

Design for you

We do original. We create, we shape, we colour. We develop exciting visual communications, proclamations of who and what you are.

Everything about creative marketing is the visual communication of concepts and ideas. Understand your customers and find the rhythm of creative engagement through branding concepts and great designs.


One simple explanation of creativity is taking an idea, a concept and using every tool available to you to turn it into reality. Take it a little further than that and we see creativity as the gift of sharing.

We do original. We create, we shape, we colour. We develop exciting visual communications, proclamations of who and what you are. That visual concept in your head that keeps spurring you on to fulfil your dreams is developed, fine tuned, executed and realised when you add a good dose of creativity and a little magic.

Everything about creative marketing is about visual communication and it’s a process. But not a boring process, it’s relationship builder where you get to meet, know and understand your customers. There is no particular right or wrong way of doing it, the important part is to just get into it and start the connection. We are all about the connection.

Imagination, inspiration, technique, passion, language and a vision of the end result are all blended together by skilled and gifted artisans (that’s us). From visual concepts of a logo or brand identity, taglines etc. through to printed brochures and website development – it all starts with creative marketing.

We create the materials used by businesses to promote who they are and what they do using a variety of traditional and modern technology we caringly craft your business assets for any type of materials you need. The range is extensive so rather than creating a list for you to read, think of a marketing item you need for your business and we can make it!

Need a brand, logo? YEP we can do that! Need new packaging, a brand identity? YEP we can do that, but so can lots of other people. What we do for you is so much more, and it’s unique to our team.

If you want to create – think Paykel Creative – we do that! We would love to share your vision.

Brand promises

At its core a brand is a promise to your customers. It signifies what you stand for, who you are and that you are going to deliver on your promises, each time, every time.

Talking movies

Develop a [plot] story that's worth telling. Mix it up with structure and purpose, figure out who'll be interested. Write your story, add some images and hey presto! A brochure.

Un-chuckable cards

Business [calling] cards have been around since the 15th century, everything old is new again! We don't do ordinary and we don't create chuckable cards.

Focus + persistence

Laser focus, repetitive reinforcement and persistence until we get it done! We stay on message and won't let you be distracted. Stay on message, stay on message.

All about the comms

Fall in love with your visual communications and so will your customers. It's a conveyance of a visual or audible communication that will develop customer relationships. [Deep!]

Unskippable ads

The golden rule for a good ad is "less is more". We get it, but will you? We might just curb your enthusiasm to tell them everything and encourage you to tell them just enough.

Build a bridge

Construction starts with building a bridge, we can develop up your blueprint to build a bridge made of promise, substance, continuity and longevity.

Our previous work

We've developed heaps of creative stuff for our clients, check us out. It's not about whether or not you like what you see, it's all about what we can do.

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Come and speak with us today, grab a coffee, take a seat and tell us about what you want to do, where you want to be, and we’ll come on the journey with you.

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