Data, data, data

Who are they? Where do they hang out? What do they like? Where do they shop and what do they buy?
It's all in the data!

Organised randomity

No more guesswork, select your target [audience] and FIRE! Review, adjust, fire again. Have a plan, set a time-frame and GO.

Don't stop

Pull it all together, ready - set - engage! Once you start don't look back, keep going. You've started something and expectations are high.

Designed to support your brand, digital marketing. will take many forms.
It's all about the connection, collecting the data and reconnecting. Take a deep breath, slow down and review, but don't stop.


Traditional media isn’t dead, it’s just a rumour. Digital marketing isn’t necessarily instead of traditional media, it’s as well as. Digital has just expanded the tools we use to communicate with our customers. It’s just a platform, and our platform is stacked high with tools we can use to get your message out there. Any successful promotion is all about finding the right media for the target audience – we know media.

But digital marketing is supa exciting, no doubt about that. It’s fast, its flexible, its adjustable, it’s controllable, its malleable, its subtle and its measureable.

A creative and purpose designed digital marketing campaign will go a long way to establishing your brand, increasing your online presence and building an online hub/community for your projects and or services.

Think of it as a digital bridge to your shop, to your office. Paykel Creative will engineer the construction of a stable bridge that, over time, will allow many visitors from all walks of life to engage with you (digitally of course).

Digital is for everyone. You can switch it on, switch it off and switch it back on again.

Reach beyond your walls

Come on, let's get out there. Spruke your stuff, share the passion you have, tell them how awesome you are. You're not alone, reach out now, what have you got to lose.

Speak the speak

Know who you are talking to and talk to them in a language that they will listen to. You probably have exactly what they're looking for, they just don't know it yet.

Social me and you

Everyone's social these days. If it isn't on social it didn't happen, so it's not whether you should anymore, it's where and how often you should = social timing.

Digital brand

Branding is a bit like a blind date, you never know whose gonna find you attractive. Let us introduce you and build a relationship that's going to last a life time.

Plan to arrive

Who doesn't love a plan! It's kind of annoying when things don't go to plan, but more often than not, well-planned and executed means CELEBRATION, party.

Ads that can’t be missed

Quirky, odd, different - it doesn't matter as long as you've connected with your audience. We do daring, we do different, we do interesting.

Hand in glove

How do you connect the dots? Everything working in harmony, ticking along nicely, all speaking the speak, all part of the plan. Let's make a plan.

Our previous work

Want to know more about how all this digital stuff works? We have a snippet for you to check out, but seriously we would much rather meet face-to-face and have a chat. Ye olde communication style.

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