Directly Targeted

You should speak directly with your audience, let us help you find them. They're out there, and you need to grab their attention. Target them.

Modern Tech

We acknowledge the past while focusing on the future. We keep moving forward with the latest techniques to engage with the audience.

Customer Solutions

A website is a gateway to your customers, and they're looking for solutions to their problems too. Do they need your product? Let's find out.

Your customers will always look to your website for an answer to their problem. They may need to just speak with you, or buy directly from you. Paykel Creative can complete the connection.


The website landscape has continued to evolve. From the beginning of basic websites in Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, where things were built on a truly simple concept. If you build it, they will come (i think i’ve heard that somewhere before!). The reality of today has moved so far beyond that, that sometimes it can be truly difficult to keep up. A website not only needs to be responsive, it also needs to be built in just the right way so google gives it some love (poor bing, they try so hard), that people not only see what you do, but truly engage with it. Because a website really only has a few moments to convince people why out of the thousands of websites they could look at, why they should keep their eyes on yours.

Your website should not only express who you are as a business, but also who you want to be. Each day there are a thousand little eyes on your business, from your customers coming into your shop or office, seeing existing branding and marketing materials. All of these things create a trust and understanding of who your business is, and how it can help them. Your website has become the waiting area for your customers. A comfy chair, a coffee, and a quick view of exactly who you are, and what you do.

Paykel Creative will happily decorate your first impression to your customer base, with care, precision and focus. The more you know about your customers the easier it is for them to buy from you … we’ll talk about your front end and your back end so you can stay connected!

Modern Websites

Take 1 part ninja precision, 1 part geeky obsession with new techniques and finally 1 part creative people and you get the new modern website your business needs.

Responsive Goodness

People expect a website not only looks right on their desktop, but on their laptop, their tablet, their mobile phones... can you believe it? We can. You will to.

Apps That Just Work

A website doesn't need to only look pretty (which it will anyway, we'll make sure) it also needs to function correctly, and our nerds will guarantee it. They don't have lives.

Website Strategy

A website can be built, but is it right for what you need? Sometimes you need more or less then what you may think. And that's where we can help. We like to say what we think!

Social Media Integration

Social connection is an important part of any communication with customers. It all stacks up to have all your sales tools connected. We can help with that.

Search Engine A.OK

The days of cheating your way to the top of Google are gone! We make sure we build your website in the correct way to guarantee ranking success, it's all part of the service.

More Than Just Work

We believe in creating something amazing for all clients big and small. We bring our experience, excitement and passion to make great things together.

Our Previous Work

Rather then just talking, have a look at what we've done in the past! We loved worked on them, and you'll (hopefully) love seeing them.

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