Who is Paykel Creative


Folks, let us introduce you to Paykel Creative. A team of creatives, we are the heart of creative (so to speak)We see ourselves as interwoven, individual and all together. We each bring unique, exceptional and gifted talents, honed over centuries (well, decades maybe) to our creative marketing agency.

Our purpose for getting out of bed each day and coming to the agency is YOU. We exude creativity. We are sensible, we are curious and we are childlike. We are here for you – you have us at hello!

Come for a coffee or tea, and a chat and we’ll blueprint the three stages of creative marketing which will be perfect for you and your business.

Meet the team leaders.

Gary – the Blueprint Master. Decades of experience in advertising and marketing, promoting new business development. Gary doesn’t just see business opportunities on the horizon, Gary sees beyond the horizon. A master of communication, adept at joining the dots – if you’re thinking about a new business opportunity, you want this guy on your team.

Adam – a veritable guru of all things techno and innovative. A multi-layered skill set with a penchant for the “new”. Adam has a cosmic conceptual talent for UI, web and digital platforms. Combine logical intelligence with a sense of [heroes and villains] fun and you’ll see fantastical concepts presented by Adam.

We are supported by a cast of designers, developers, copywriters, producers, artists.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Interested in discussing your idea?

Come and speak with us today, grab a coffee, take a seat and tell us about what you want to do, where you want to be, and we’ll come on the journey with you.

We make great coffee »

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