Our History


Hotcroc Established

First established in Cairns in 1999 as Hotcroc Advertising, Gary Aylward and a team of creative professionals ran a successful and award winning advertising agency to support SMEs and entrepreneurs who were establishing global businesses right here in Far North Queensland.

08. August


03. March

Expanding services

Move forward to 2008 and the team had expanded to include graphic designers, web developers, client managers and a move to Minnie Street in Cairns.


Paykel Acquires HotCroc Advertising

Paykel Media – one of Australia’s largest independently owned media buying agencies – acquired HotCroc in 2013 along with two other advertising agencies in Melbourne not long after.

08. August


12. December

In 2016, the name change to Paykel Cairns.

In December 2016 the company purchased a 90-year-old Queenslander that had been used as an architect’s office and after some loving makeover the shift was on to 262 Sheridan Street in Cairns.


Paykel Creative

A reinvigorated focus on what makes things creative. True creative services, with a knowledge of how to engage with the right people. Paykel Creative expands our creative beyond the borders of FNQ and into the East Coast.

06. July



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